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The impact of laser digital etching on traditional models

Laser digital etching processing technology has obvious advantages over traditional die cutting processing, and it is another leap in laser technology for "die cutting processing". Laser digital etching processing refers to the laser cutting of the processed material (vaporization of the material irradiated by the laser) according to the digitized information, instead of the conventional die cutting process.

A typical laser digital etching processing system includes: a carbon dioxide laser and a scanning head, a power unit, a cooler, a power controller, a software, a smoke chamber, etc., if not combined with a printing machine or a processing line, there is also a processed material roll. Operating system: For processing with high registration accuracy requirements, it may be necessary to match the total estimate of the electronic display control system, with an investment of between $180,000 and $300,000.

In the old system, the laser is fixed, and the processing table of the material is moved in the X, Y direction, so the speed is limited and it is difficult to be popular. The new system uses a scanning current meter to drive the laser beam and the rotating mirror, so that the laser beam can be fired in all directions, and the processing speed is also greatly improved, reaching a range of 80 to 600 inches per second. For reel-to-reel laser processing systems, it is also possible to perform intermittent repetitive machining, that is, repeated processing by the laser beam in accordance with programmed pattern information (as in a continuous dryer). For the etching depth of the material to be processed, as long as the etching speed or the parameters of the laser are adjusted, it can be flexibly adjusted (or completely penetrated, or slightly clicked, used for indentation or film uncovering).

Obviously the advantages of this new laser digital etch process are easy to understand:

1, flexibility: any shape, no need to mold, as long as a program, the laser beam can be programmed to "die-cut" shape and depth, but also can be changed in operation, no need for "tools" This opens the door to personalization or small batching of packages or trademarks.

2, good accuracy: the tolerance does not exceed three thousandths of a millimeter can also compensate for the error between printing and post-processing, because the laser can be used for compensation adjustment, and in the traditional die-cutting, the mold is difficult to change after fixing.

3, high production efficiency. . Because there is no need to make molds, it is only necessary to program the tasks, and the tasks are followed by them. It saves time and time and can be adjusted if there is any change in the last minute before starting the processing, so as not to affect the production cost regardless of the simple or complicated processing shape. It is the same, and the time spent is basically the same. The processing speed can basically match the speed of digital printing, which can form a continuous production.

4, economic benefits: no need to prepare molds, processing tasks are large, small does not matter, the business source will also broaden the traditional die-cutting process, not only the molds are diverse (such as flat pressure, wheel pressure, punching, wearing Eyes, indentations, etc.), the supporting tools are complicated, and now all can be saved.

5, the aesthetic effect: laser etching is pressure-free, so there is no trace on the material after processing; not only the pressure-sensitive trademark is not indented, but also easy to peel.

. From the technical point of view, although it has the above advantages, the current promotion and application is still the initial class. Several manufacturing companies have introduced related equipment, such as: LaserSharp, LighteningBolt, Softdie, AcuTear, AcuBreather, etc., all of which are patent registration grades. However, users are often reluctant to let the outside world know about the introduction of such equipment, and even sign confidentiality agreements with suppliers to maintain their leading position in technology.

The devices that have been introduced also have certain features, such as the Softdie system, which is aimed at the trademark market. Therefore, multi-channel laser beam scanning is used to increase the etching speed to 600 ips, which can match the speed of the trademark printing machine. Off-line processing is of course more No problem. The AcuTear and AcuBreathe systems were introduced in the flexible packaging market in early 2000 to indent or micro-ply the multilayer composite film packaging without compromising the sealing performance of the package. Experts also pointed out that it is almost impossible to make micro-pores of flexible packaging to be breathable. It is almost impossible in rotary molding because it is impossible to engrave so small and smooth, and there are often residues that block the micropores, but with lasers. Etching is not a problem.

Of course, the emergence of new technologies is not likely to be perfect at all. Some situations have yet to be studied and improved. For example, the variety of packaging materials varies, the thickness varies, and the performance may vary. When laser etching, how to etch the residence time or laser The energy is just right, so that the edge of the etching is smooth and smooth, and there is also a process from unfamiliar to skilled. In addition, there are certain limitations, such as: metal materials are not suitable; there are certain deficiencies, such as: laser cutting microstrip Beveled, some materials may change color, and some plastics may show slight burrs.

But in general, some experts predict that within 10 years, the traditional die-cutting process may disappear in some large packaging processing enterprises: in the vast packaging processing market, laser etching processing will be increasingly welcomed and promoted. This is another leap in laser technology for "die-cutting."
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